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adverb al·ready \l-ˈre-dē, ˈl-ˌ\

: before this time : before now : before that time

: so soon : so early

—used to describe a situation that exists now and that will continue to exist

Full Definition of ALREADY

:  prior to a specified or implied past, present, or future time :  by this time :  previously <he had already left when I called>
—used as an intensive <all right already> <enough already>

Examples of ALREADY

  1. They've already agreed to come.
  2. I'd already left by the time you called.
  3. He acted as if he didn't already know.
  4. Flight 102 will already have taken off by the time Flight 101 lands.
  5. Have they arrived already?! I'm still not dressed!
  6. Do you have to go already?

Origin of ALREADY

Middle English al redy, from al redy, adjective, wholly ready, from al all + redy ready
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with ALREADY

ALREADY Defined for Kids


adverb al·ready \l-ˈre-dē\

Definition of ALREADY for Kids

:  before a certain time :  by this time <I had already left when you called.>
:  so soon <Are they here already?>


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