adjective un·even \ˌən-ˈē-vən\

: not level, flat, or smooth

: not straight or parallel

: not following a regular pattern : not the same in all parts or at all times

Full Definition of UNEVEN

a archaic :  unequal 1a
b :  odd 3a
a :  not even :  not level or smooth :  rugged, ragged <large uneven teeth> <uneven handwriting>
b :  varying from the straight or parallel
c :  not uniform :  irregular <uneven combustion>
d :  varying in quality <an uneven performance>
:  unequal 3a <an uneven confrontation>
un·even·ly adverb
un·even·ness \-və(n)-nəs\ noun

Examples of UNEVEN

  1. His breathing was shallow and uneven.
  2. You should check your car's tires often for signs of uneven wear.
  3. an uneven distribution of wealth
  4. We have an uneven number of players, so we'll have to rotate.

First Known Use of UNEVEN

before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of UNEVEN

rough, harsh, uneven, rugged, scabrous mean not smooth or even. rough implies points, bristles, ridges, or projections on the surface <a rough wooden board>. harsh implies a surface or texture distinctly unpleasant to the touch <a harsh fabric that chafes the skin>. uneven implies a lack of uniformity in height, breadth, or quality <an old house with uneven floors>. rugged implies irregularity or roughness of land surface and connotes difficulty of travel <a rugged landscape>. scabrous implies scaliness or prickliness of surface <a scabrous leaf>.

Rhymes with UNEVEN

UNEVENLY Defined for Kids


adjective un·even \ˌən-ˈē-vən\

Definition of UNEVEN for Kids

:  odd 3 <uneven numbers>
:  not level, straight, or smooth <an uneven surface>
:  irregular 4 <uneven breathing>
:  varying in quality <an uneven performance>
:  unequal 2 <an uneven competition>
un·even·ly adverb <The board was cut unevenly.>
un·even·ness noun


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