adjective \ˈska-brəs also ˈskā-\

: having a rough surface

: referring to sex in a rude or shocking way

Full Definition of SCABROUS

:  difficult, knotty <a scabrous problem>
:  rough to the touch: as
a :  having small raised dots, scales, or points <a scabrous leaf>
b :  covered with raised, roughened, or unwholesome patches <scabrous paint> <scabrous skin>
:  dealing with suggestive, indecent, or scandalous themes :  salacious; also :  squalid
sca·brous·ly adverb
sca·brous·ness noun

Examples of SCABROUS

  1. a movie with scabrous humor

Origin of SCABROUS

Latin scabr-, scaber rough, scurfy; akin to Latin scabere to scratch — more at scab
First Known Use: 1646


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