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verb \ˈtwist\

Simple Definition of twist

  • : to bend or turn (something) in order to change its shape

  • : to bend or turn (something) into a shape or position that is not normal or natural

  • : to turn (something) in a circular motion with your hand

Full Definition of twist

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1a :  to unite by winding <twisting strands together>b :  to make by twisting strands together <twist thread from yarn>c :  to mingle by interlacing

  3. 2 :  twine, coil

  4. 3a :  to wring or wrench so as to dislocate or distort; especially :  sprain <twisted my ankle>b :  to alter the meaning of :  distort, pervert <twisted the facts>c :  contort <twisted his face into a grin>d :  to pull off, turn, or break by torsion <twist the nut off the bolt>e :  to cause to move with a turning motion <twisted her chair to face the fire>f :  to form into a spiral shapeg :  to cause to take on moral, mental, or emotional deformity <celebrity has twisted their sense of decorum>h :  to make (one's way) in a winding or devious manner to a destination or objective

  5. intransitive verb
  6. 1 :  to follow a winding course :  snake

  7. 2a :  to turn or change shape under torsionb :  to assume a spiral shapec :  squirm, writhed :  to dance the twist

  8. 3 of a ball :  to rotate while taking a curving path or direction

  9. 4 :  turn 3a <twisted around to see behind him>

twist in the wind
  1. :  to be left to face a difficult situation without support or help

twist one's arm
  1. :  to bring strong pressure to bear on one

Examples of twist

  1. The toy can be twisted into different shapes.

  2. She twisted balloons into the shapes of different animals.

  3. The antenna was twisted out of shape.

  4. The car was a heap of twisted metal after the accident.

  5. He twists his lip into an odd expression when he's thinking.

  6. twist the dials on the radio

  7. The bottle cap twists off.

Origin of twist

Middle English, probably from Middle Dutch twisten, from twist twine, discord, quarrel; akin to Old English -twist (in candeltwist candlesnuffers, mæsttwist twin support for a mast), Middle English twisten to be forked, Middle High German zwist quarrel, Old English twi- twi-

First Known Use: 15th century




Simple Definition of twist

  • : an act of turning or twisting

  • : a turn, curve, or bend in a road, river, etc.

  • : an unexpected or strange occurrence

Full Definition of twist

  1. 1 :  something formed by twisting or winding: asa :  a thread, yarn, or cord formed by twisting two or more strands togetherb :  a strong tightly twisted sewing silkc :  a baked piece of twisted doughd :  tobacco leaves twisted into a thick rolle :  a strip of citrus peel used to flavor a drink

  2. 2a :  an act of twisting :  the state of being twistedb :  a dance performed with strenuous gyrations especially of the hipsc :  the spin given the ball in any of various gamesd :  a spiral turn or curvee (1) :  torque or torsional stress applied to a body (as a rod or shaft) (2) :  torsional strain (3) :  the angle through which a thing is twisted

  3. 3a :  a turning off a straight courseb :  eccentricity, idiosyncrasyc :  a distortion of meaning or sense

  4. 4a :  an unexpected turn or development <weird twists of fate — W. L. Shirer>b :  a clever device :  trick <questions demanding special twists of thinking — New Yorker>c :  a variant approach or method :  gimmick <a kind of twist on the old triangle theme — Dave Fedo>

  5. 5 :  a front or back dive in which the diver twists sideways a half or full turn before entering the water

twisty play \ˈtwis-tē\ adjective

Examples of twist

  1. a simple twist of the wrist

  2. The jar should open with a twist of the lid.

  3. The road has some nasty twists.

  4. The coastal road had many twists and turns.

  5. It was a film noir with some clever twists.

  6. In an unusual twist, the police arrested one of their own.

  7. They were brought together by a strange twist of fate.


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