noun \ˈshist\

: a type of rock that can be broken into thin, flat pieces

Full Definition of SCHIST

:  a metamorphic crystalline rock that has a closely foliated structure and can be split along approximately parallel planes

Origin of SCHIST

French schiste, from Latin schistos (lapis), literally, fissile stone, from Greek schistos that may be split, from schizein
First Known Use: circa 1782

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Crystalline metamorphic rock that has a highly developed tendency to split into layers. Most schists are composed largely of platy minerals such as muscovite, chlorite, talc, biotite, and graphite. The green colour of many schists and their formation under a certain range of temperature and pressure conditions have led to distinction of the greenschist facies in the mineral facies classification of metamorphic rocks. Schists are usually classified on the basis of their mineralogy, with varietal names that indicate the characteristic mineral present.


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