adjective \ˈtr-əd, ˈtär-\

: very hot and usually dry

: showing or expressing very strong feelings especially of sexual or romantic desire

: very difficult, uncomfortable, or unpleasant

Full Definition of TORRID

a :  parched with heat especially of the sun :  hot <torrid sands>
b :  giving off intense heat :  scorching
:  ardent, passionate <torrid love letters>
tor·rid·i·ty \t-ˈri-də-tē\ noun
tor·rid·ly \ˈtr-əd-lē, ˈtär-\ adverb
tor·rid·ness noun

Examples of TORRID

  1. The team had a torrid time trying to score.
  2. <the dry, torrid summers in southern Arizona>

Origin of TORRID

Latin torridus, from torrēre
First Known Use: 1545

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