noun tex·ture \ˈteks-chər\

: the way that something feels when you touch it

: the way that a food or drink feels in your mouth

: the various parts of a song, poem, movie, etc., and the way they fit together

Full Definition of TEXTURE

a :  something composed of closely interwoven elements; specifically :  a woven cloth
b :  the structure formed by the threads of a fabric
a :  essential part :  substance
b :  identifying quality :  character
a :  the disposition or manner of union of the particles of a body or substance
b :  the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of something <the texture of an oil painting>
a :  a composite of the elements of prose or poetry <all these words…meet violently to form a texture impressive and exciting — John Berryman>
b :  a pattern of musical sound created by tones or lines played or sung together
a :  basic scheme or structure
b :  overall structure
tex·tur·al \-chə-rəl\ adjective
tex·tur·al·ly \-rə-lē\ adverb
tex·tured \-chərd\ adjective
tex·ture·less \-chər-ləs\ adjective

Examples of TEXTURE

  1. wood with a rough texture
  2. the smooth texture of silk
  3. The plant's leaves are almost leathery in texture.
  4. foods with very different textures
  5. The custard should be smooth and creamy in texture.
  6. a song with layered textures
  7. I liked the raw, gritty texture of the film.
  8. The movies are similar in texture.

Origin of TEXTURE

Latin textura, from textus, past participle of texere to weave — more at technical
First Known Use: 1578


transitive verb

Definition of TEXTURE

:  to give a particular texture to

First Known Use of TEXTURE

TEXTURELESS Defined for Kids


noun tex·ture \ˈteks-chər\

Definition of TEXTURE for Kids

:  the structure, feel, and appearance of something


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