noun \ˈte-ˌleks\

: a system of communication in which messages are sent over long distances by using a telephone system and are printed by using a special machine (called a teletypewriter)

: a message sent by telex

Full Definition of TELEX

:  a communication service involving teletypewriters connected by wire through automatic exchanges; also :  a teletypewriter used in telex
:  a message sent by telex

Examples of TELEX

  1. The message was sent by telex.
  2. We received a telex from New York.

Origin of TELEX

teleprinter + exchange
First Known Use: 1932


transitive verb

Definition of TELEX

:  to send (as a message) by telex
:  to communicate with by telex

First Known Use of TELEX



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

International telegraphic message-transfer service consisting of a network of teleprinters. Subscribers to a telex service can exchange textual communications and data directly with one another. Telex systems originated in Europe in the early 1930s and were widely used for several decades. The ability to conduct high-speed digital communication over regular telephone lines led to a decline in the use of telex, but it is still used as a data transmission service for applications in which high transmission speeds are not necessary or in areas where more modern data equipment is not available.


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