adjective \kän-ˈveks; ˈkän-ˌ, kən-ˈ\

: having a shape like the outside of a bowl : curving outward

Full Definition of CONVEX

a :  curved or rounded outward like the exterior of a sphere or circle
b :  being a continuous function or part of a continuous function with the property that a line joining any two points on its graph lies on or above the graph
a of a set of points :  containing all points in a line joining any two constituent points
b of a geometric figure :  comprising a convex set when combined with its interior <a convex polygon>

Origin of CONVEX

Middle French or Latin; Middle French convexe, from Latin convexus vaulted, concave, convex, from com- + -vexus; perhaps akin to Latin vehere to carry — more at way
First Known Use: 1571

Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms

abscissa, denominator, divisor, equilateral, exponent, hypotenuse, logarithm, oblique, radii, rhomb


adjective \kän-ˈveks; ˈkän-ˌ, kən-ˈ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CONVEX

: curved or rounded like the exterior of a sphere or circle <convex lenses are used to correct for farsightedness>
con·vex·i·ty \kən-ˈvek-sət-ē, kän-\ noun, plural con·vex·i·ties


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