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noun \ˈā-ˌpeks\

Simple Definition of apex

  • : the top or highest point of something

Full Definition of apex

plural apex·es or api·cesplay \ˈā-pə-ˌsēz, ˈa-\

  1. 1 a :  the uppermost point :  vertex <the apex of a mountain> b :  the narrowed or pointed end :  tip <the apex of the tongue>

  2. 2 :  the highest or culminating point <the apex of his career>

Examples of apex

  1. <she reached the apex of fame, only to find it wasn't what she expected>

  2. <the apex of the spear>

Origin of apex


First Known Use: 1601

Synonym Discussion of apex

summit, peak, pinnacle, climax, apex, acme, culmination mean the highest point attained or attainable. summit implies the topmost level attainable <at the summit of the Victorian social scene>. peak suggests the highest among other high points <an artist working at the peak of her powers>. pinnacle suggests a dizzying and often insecure height <the pinnacle of worldly success>. climax implies the highest point in an ascending series <the war was the climax to a series of hostile actions>. apex implies the point where all ascending lines converge <the apex of Dutch culture>. acme implies a level of quality representing the perfection of a thing <a statue that was once deemed the acme of beauty>. culmination suggests the outcome of a growth or development representing an attained objective <the culmination of years of effort>.

APEX Defined for Kids


noun \ˈā-ˌpeks\

Definition of apex

plural apex·es or api·ces \ˈā-pə-ˌsēz\

  1. 1 :  the highest point :  peak <“She's on top of the roof, walking with a foot either side of the apex …” — Brian Jacques, Redwall>

  2. 2 :  the most successful time <He was at the apex of his career.>

Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈā-ˌpeks\

Medical Definition of apex

plural apex·es or api·ces \ˈā-pə-ˌsēz\play

  1. :  a narrowed or pointed end of an anatomical structure: asa:  the narrow somewhat conical upper part of a lung extending into the rootb:  the lower pointed end of the heart situated in humans opposite the space between the cartilages of the fifth and sixth ribs on the left sidec:  the extremity of the root of a tooth

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