noun, tele·phone often attributive \ˈte-lə-ˌfōn\

: a system that uses wires and radio signals to send sounds (such as people's voices) over long distances

: a device that is connected to a telephone system and that you use to listen or speak to someone who is somewhere else

Full Definition of TELEPHONE

:  an instrument for reproducing sounds at a distance; specifically :  one in which sound is converted into electrical impulses for transmission (as by wire or radio waves)

Examples of TELEPHONE

  1. I just have to make a quick telephone call before we leave.
  2. You can order the cake over the telephone.
  3. The telephone has been ringing all morning!
  4. She picked up the telephone and dialed the number.
  5. He slammed down the telephone.
  6. They hired someone to answer the telephones.
  7. All our telephones are cordless.
  8. I left the telephone off the hook.

First Known Use of TELEPHONE


Other Telecommunications Terms

Ethernet, intercept



: to speak or try to speak to (someone) using a telephone : to call or phone (someone)


Full Definition of TELEPHONE

transitive verb
:  to speak to or attempt to reach by telephone
:  to send by telephone
intransitive verb
:  to communicate by telephone
tele·phon·er noun

Examples of TELEPHONE

  1. He telephoned me to say that he was going to be late.
  2. He telephoned to say that he was going to be late.
  3. You never write or telephone.

First Known Use of TELEPHONE


Related to TELEPHONE

dial, phone, ring (up) [chiefly British], call

Other Telecommunications Terms

Ethernet, intercept
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