noun \ri-ˈsē-vər\

: the part of a telephone that you pick up and hold near your face when you are making or receiving a phone call

: radio or television equipment that changes signals into sound and pictures

American football : a player who catches passes thrown by the quarterback

Full Definition of RECEIVER

:  one that receives: as
a :  treasurer
b (1) :  a person appointed to hold in trust and administer property under litigation
(2) :  a person appointed to settle the affairs of a business involving a public interest or to manage a corporation during reorganization
c :  one that receives stolen goods :  fence
d :  a device for converting signals (as electromagnetic waves) into audio or visual form: as
(1) :  a device in a telephone for converting electric impulses or varying current into sound (2) :  a radio receiver with a tuner and amplifier on one chassis
e (1) :  catcher
(2) :  a member of the offensive team in football eligible to catch a forward pass

Examples of RECEIVER

  1. She angrily slammed down the phone's receiver.

First Known Use of RECEIVER

14th century


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