noun \ri-ˈtrē-vər\

: a dog that is used for retrieving birds or animals that have been shot by a hunter

Full Definition of RETRIEVER

:  one that retrieves; especially :  a dog of any of several breeds having a heavy water-resistant coat and used especially for retrieving game

First Known Use of RETRIEVER

15th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Golden retriever.—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Any of several dog breeds, bred to retrieve game, that have a thick, water-resistant coat, keen sense of smell, and “soft” mouth that does not damage game. Retrievers are 22–24 in. (55–62 cm) tall and weigh 55–75 lbs (25–34 kg). The golden retriever has a golden-brown coat that is long on the neck, legs, and tail. The Labrador retriever has a short black or brown coat. Both are often used as guide dogs, and both are highly popular as pets. Other retriever breeds include the Chesapeake Bay, curly-coated, and flat-coated retrievers.


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