noun \ˈtaŋk\

: a container for holding a liquid or gas

: the amount that a tank will hold

: a military vehicle that moves on two large metal belts with wheels inside them and that is covered in heavy armor

Full Definition of TANK

dial :  pond, pool; especially :  one built as a water supply
:  a usually large receptacle for holding, transporting, or storing liquids (as water or fuel)
:  an enclosed heavily armed and armored combat vehicle that moves on tracks
:  a prison cell or enclosure used especially for receiving prisoners
:  tank top
tank·ful \-ˌfl\ noun
tank·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective
in the tank or into the tank
:  in or into a decline or slump <the sullen student's grades went into the tank>

Origin of TANK

Portuguese tanque, alteration of estanque, from estancar to stanch, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *stanticare — more at stanch
First Known Use: 1609



: to be very unsuccessful : to fail completely

: to make no effort to win a contest (such as a tennis match) : to deliberately lose a game, match, etc.

Full Definition of TANK

transitive verb
:  to place, store, or treat in a tank
:  to make no effort to win :  lose intentionally <tanked the match>
intransitive verb
:  to lose intentionally :  give up in competition
:  to suffer rapid decline, failure, or collapse <bought a stock that quickly tanked>

Examples of TANK

  1. Some people say she deliberately tanked the match.
  2. Some people have accused her of tanking.

First Known Use of TANK

May 28, 2015
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