adjective \ˈdaŋk\

: wet and cold in a way that is unpleasant

Full Definition of DANK

:  unpleasantly moist or wet <a dank basement>
dank·ly adverb
dank·ness noun

Examples of DANK

  1. <vegetables tended to go bad quickly in the dank cellar>

Origin of DANK

Middle English danke
First Known Use: 1573

Synonym Discussion of DANK

wet, damp, dank, moist, humid mean covered or more or less soaked with liquid. wet usually implies saturation but may suggest a covering of a surface with water or something (as paint) not yet dry <slipped on the wet pavement>. damp implies a slight or moderate absorption and often connotes an unpleasant degree of moisture <clothes will mildew if stored in a damp place>. dank implies a more distinctly disagreeable or unwholesome dampness <a prisoner in a cold, dank cell>. moist applies to what is slightly damp or not felt as dry <treat the injury with moist heat>. humid applies to the presence of much water vapor in the air <a hot, humid climate>.
DANK Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈdaŋk\

Definition of DANK for Kids

:  unpleasantly wet or moist <a dank cave>


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