take out


take out


Definition of TAKE OUT

transitive verb
a (1) :  deduct, separate (2) :  exclude, omit (3) :  withdraw, withhold
b :  to find release for :  vent <take out their resentments on one another — J. W. Aldridge>
c (1) :  eliminate
(2) :  kill, destroy (3) :  knock out
:  to take as an equivalent in another form <took the debt out in trade>
a :  to obtain from the proper authority <take out a charter> <take out a second mortgage>
b :  to arrange for (insurance)
:  to overcall (a bridge partner) in a different suit
intransitive verb
:  to start on a course :  set out
take it out on
:  to expend anger, vexation, or frustration in harassment of

Examples of TAKE OUT

  1. <he took out his frustrations by splitting a cord of firewood>
  2. <she'd like to take the new boy out to the movies sometime>

First Known Use of TAKE OUT

13th century


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