noun \ˈswīp\

: a criticism or insult that is directed toward a particular person or group

: a swinging movement of a person's hand, an animal's paw, etc., that is done in an attempt to hit something

Full Definition of SWIPE

:  a strong sweeping blow <a swipe of a paw>
:  a sharp often critical remark <took a parting swipe at management>

Examples of SWIPE

  1. She took a swipe at her former company in her latest column.
  2. a swipe of the cat's paw

Origin of SWIPE

probably alteration of sweep
First Known Use: 1739

Rhymes with SWIPE



: to reach toward and try to hit (something) with a swinging motion

: to steal (something)

: to pass (a credit card, ATM card, etc.) through a machine that reads information from it


Full Definition of SWIPE

intransitive verb
:  to strike or move with a sweeping motion
transitive verb
:  to strike or wipe with a sweeping motion
:  steal, pilfer
:  to slide (a card with a magnetic strip or bar code) through a slot in a reading device so that information stored on the strip can be processed (as in making a purchase)

Examples of SWIPE

  1. The cat swiped the dog across the nose.
  2. They swiped some candy from the store.
  3. The cashier swiped the credit card and gave it back to me.

First Known Use of SWIPE

circa 1825


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