transitive verb \ˈswät\

: to hit (someone or something) with a quick motion


Full Definition of SWAT

:  to hit with a sharp slapping blow usually with an instrument (as a bat or flyswatter) <swatted the ball for a home run>

Examples of SWAT

  1. She swatted the fly with a magazine.
  2. The cat was swatting the injured mouse with its paw.
  3. He swatted the tennis ball out of bounds.

Origin of SWAT

English dialect, to squat, alteration of English squat
First Known Use: circa 1796



Definition of SWAT

:  a powerful or crushing blow
:  a long hit in baseball; especially :  home run

Examples of SWAT

  1. <the impatient toddler got a swat on his wrist for stepping into the street by himself>

First Known Use of SWAT

circa 1800


noun, often attributive \ˈswät\

: a police or military unit that is specially trained to handle very dangerous situations

Full Definition of SWAT

:  a police or military unit specially trained and equipped to handle unusually hazardous situations or missions

Origin of SWAT

special weapons and tactics
First Known Use: 1968


geographical name \ˈswät\

Definition of SWAT

river 400 miles (644 kilometers) Pakistan flowing into Kabul River


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