intransitive verb

: to behave in a way that is intended to impress people

Full Definition of SWANK

:  show off, swagger; also :  boast 1

Examples of SWANK

  1. rich people swanking around in their expensive cars

Origin of SWANK

perhaps akin to Middle High German swanken to sway; akin to Middle Dutch swanc supple
First Known Use: 1708


adjective \ˈswaŋk\

Definition of SWANK

:  full of life or energy :  active

Origin of SWANK

Middle Low German or Middle Dutch swanc supple; akin to Old High German swingan to swing
First Known Use: 1773


adjective \ˈswaŋ-kē\
swank·er or swank·i·erswank·i·est

Definition of SWANK

:  characterized by showy display :  ostentatious <a swank limousine>
:  fashionably elegant :  smart <a swank restaurant>
swank·i·ly \-kə-lē\ adverb
swank·i·ness \-kē-nəs\ noun

Variants of SWANK

swank or swanky \ˈswaŋ-kē\

First Known Use of SWANK

circa 1842



Definition of SWANK

:  arrogance or ostentation of dress or manner :  pretentiousness, swagger

Examples of SWANK

  1. <service that is the essence of swank: the waiters pull out your chair for you and even place your napkin on your lap>

First Known Use of SWANK

circa 1854


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