noun \ˈglits\

: a very fancy and attractive quality that is associated with rich or famous people

Full Definition of GLITZ

:  extravagant showiness :  glitter, ostentation
glitz·i·ness \ˈglit-sē-nəs\ noun
glitzy \ˈglit-sē\ adjective

Examples of GLITZ

  1. She grew tired of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life.
  2. The casino was all glitz.

Origin of GLITZ

perhaps modification of German glitzern to glitter, from Middle High German glitzen; akin to Old Norse glitra to glitter
First Known Use: 1971

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Definition of GLITZ

transitive verb
:  to make flashy or extravagant in appearance —often used with up <she got glitzed up for the party>

First Known Use of GLITZ



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