adjective \ˈshō-ē\

: having an appearance that attracts attention


Full Definition of SHOWY

:  making an attractive show :  striking <a showy orchid>
:  given to or marked by a flashy often tasteless display
show·i·ly \ˈshō-ə-lē\ adverb
show·i·ness \ˈshō-ē-nəs\ noun

Examples of SHOWY

  1. Perhaps you should wear something a little less showy.
  2. <orchid plants are known for their huge showy flowers>

First Known Use of SHOWY


Synonym Discussion of SHOWY

showy, pretentious, ostentatious mean given to excessive outward display. showy implies an imposing or striking appearance but usually suggests cheapness or poor taste <the performers' showy costumes>. pretentious implies an appearance of importance not justified by the thing's value or the person's standing <a pretentious parade of hard words>. ostentatious stresses vainglorious display or parade <the ostentatious summer homes of the rich>.

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