verb \səb-ˈsist\

: to exist or continue to exist

Full Definition of SUBSIST

intransitive verb
a :  to have existence :  be
b :  persist, continue
:  to have or acquire the necessities of life (as food and clothing); especially :  to nourish oneself <subsisting on roots, berries and grubs>
a :  to hold true
b :  to be logically conceivable as the subject of true statements
transitive verb
:  to support with provisions

Examples of SUBSIST

  1. The author's right to royalties shall subsist for the term of the copyright.
  2. <a love that was as great as any that ever did subsist>

Origin of SUBSIST

Late Latin subsistere to exist, from Latin, to come to a halt, remain, from sub- + sistere to come to a stand; akin to Latin stare to stand — more at stand
First Known Use: 1549


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