intransitive verb sub·side \səb-ˈsīd\

: to become less strong or intense

: to move down to a lower level


Full Definition of SUBSIDE

:  to sink or fall to the bottom :  settle
:  to tend downward :  descend; especially :  to flatten out so as to form a depression
:  to let oneself settle down :  sink <subsided into a chair>
:  to become quiet or less <as the fever subsides> <my anger subsided>
sub·si·dence \səb-ˈsī-dən(t)s, ˈsəb-sə-dən(t)s\ noun

Examples of SUBSIDE

  1. The pain will subside in a couple of hours.
  2. After his anger had subsided, he was able to look at things rationally.
  3. We'll have to wait until the wind subsides.
  4. The road will remain closed until the water subsides.

Origin of SUBSIDE

Latin subsidere, from sub- + sidere to sit down, sink; akin to Latin sedēre to sit — more at sit
First Known Use: 1607

Synonym Discussion of SUBSIDE

abate, subside, wane, ebb mean to die down in force or intensity. abate stresses the idea of progressive diminishing <the storm abated>. subside implies the ceasing of turbulence or agitation <the protests subsided after a few days>. wane suggests the fading or weakening of something good or impressive <waning enthusiasm>. ebb suggests the receding of something (as the tide) that commonly comes and goes <the ebbing of daylight>.
SUBSIDE Defined for Kids


verb sub·side \səb-ˈsīd\

Definition of SUBSIDE for Kids

:  to become less strong or intense <The pain subsided.> <The storm is beginning to subside.>
:  to become lower :  sink <The flood subsided.>
Medical Dictionary


intransitive verb sub·side \səb-ˈsīd\

Medical Definition of SUBSIDE

:  to lessen in severity :  become diminished <the fever subsided>
sub·si·dence \səb-ˈsīd-ən(t)s, ˈsəb-səd-ən(t)s\ noun


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