adverb \ə-ˈsīd\

: to or toward the side

—used with put or set to describe something that is being kept or saved for a future use

—used to say that something is not included in a statement that follows

Full Definition of ASIDE

:  to or toward the side <stepped aside>
:  away from others or into privacy <pulled him aside>
:  out of the way especially for future use :  away <putting aside savings>
:  away from one's thought or consideration <jesting aside>

Examples of ASIDE

  1. He stepped aside and let her pass.
  2. He threw his coat aside.
  3. She laid the book aside.
  4. He elbowed people aside as he moved through the crowd.
  5. He took her aside to speak to her privately.
  6. Someone grabbed him and pulled him aside.

First Known Use of ASIDE

14th century



Definition of ASIDE

:  beyond, past

First Known Use of ASIDE




: a comment spoken by a character in a play that is heard by the audience but is supposedly not heard by other characters on stage

: a comment that is spoken quietly to someone so that it cannot be heard by other people who are present

: a comment or discussion that does not relate directly to the main subject being discussed

Full Definition of ASIDE

:  an utterance meant to be inaudible to someone; especially :  an actor's speech heard by the audience but supposedly not by other characters
:  a straying from the theme :  digression

Examples of ASIDE

  1. She made a joke about the food in a muttered aside to her husband.
  2. The book includes several lengthy asides about the personal lives of scientists involved in the project.
  3. In his speech he mentioned her contributions almost as an aside, despite the fact that she was the one who came up with the idea originally.

First Known Use of ASIDE

circa 1751


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