noun, stop·gap often attributive \ˈstäp-ˌgap\

: someone or something that is intended to be used for a short time and then replaced by someone or something better : a temporary substitute

Full Definition of STOPGAP

:  something that serves as a temporary expedient :  makeshift <stopgap measures>

Examples of STOPGAP

  1. The new law is intended only as a stopgap.
  2. <the coach we have now was only hired as a stopgap until someone with more experience is found>

First Known Use of STOPGAP


Synonym Discussion of STOPGAP

resource, resort, expedient, shift, makeshift, stopgap mean something one turns to in the absence of the usual means or source of supply. resource and resort apply to anything one falls back upon <exhausted all of their resources> <a last resort>. expedient may apply to any device or contrivance used when the usual one is not at hand or not possible <a flimsy expedient>. shift implies a tentative or temporary imperfect expedient <desperate shifts to stave off foreclosure>. makeshift implies an inferior expedient adopted because of urgent need or allowed through indifference <old equipment employed as a makeshift>. stopgap applies to something used temporarily as an emergency measure <a new law intended only as a stopgap>.


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