noun \ˈstich\

: a piece of thread that is passed through a piece of material with a needle

medical : a special piece of thread that is used to hold a large cut or wound closed

: a single loop of thread or yarn that is wrapped around a tool (such as a knitting needle) and is linked to other loops to make fabric

Full Definition of STITCH

:  a local sharp and sudden pain especially in the side
a :  one in-and-out movement of a threaded needle in sewing, embroidering, or suturing
b :  a portion of thread left in the material or suture left in the tissue after one stitch
:  a least bit especially of clothing <didn't have a stitch on>
:  a single loop of thread or yarn around an implement (as a knitting needle or crochet hook)
:  a stitch or series of stitches formed in a particular way <a basting stitch>
in stitches
:  in a state of uncontrollable laughter <he had us all in stitches>

Examples of STITCH

  1. the stitches on a baseball
  2. She pulled out the stitches.
  3. His cut required six stitches.
  4. She gets her stitches removed tomorrow.
  5. The book teaches a variety of stitches.
  6. a scarf worked in knit stitch

Origin of STITCH

Middle English stiche, from Old English stice; akin to Old English stician to stick
First Known Use: before 12th century



: to use a needle and thread to make or repair (something, such as a piece of clothing) : to join (something, such as a piece of fabric or a button) to something else with stitches

: to make (something, such as a design) out of stitches

Full Definition of STITCH

transitive verb
a :  to fasten, join, or close with or as if with stitches <stitched a seam>
b :  to make, mend, or decorate with or as if with stitches
:  to unite by means of staples
intransitive verb
:  sew
stitch·er noun

Examples of STITCH

  1. He stitched a patch onto his coat.
  2. Her initials were stitched on the pillowcase.
  3. He stitched a design along the border of the tablecloth.

First Known Use of STITCH

13th century

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