noun \ˈglich\

: an unexpected and usually minor problem; especially : a minor problem with a machine or device (such as a computer)

Full Definition of GLITCH

a :  a usually minor malfunction <a glitch in a spacecraft's fuel cell>; also :  2bug 2
b :  a minor problem that causes a temporary setback :  snag
:  a false or spurious electronic signal
glitchy \ˈgli-chē\ adjective

Examples of GLITCH

  1. Glitches in the speaker's schedule caused some delays.
  2. A technical glitch caused a temporary shutdown.

Origin of GLITCH

perhaps from Yiddish glitsh slippery place, from glitshn (zikh) to slide, glide; akin to Old High German glītan to glide — more at glide
First Known Use: 1962


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