adjective \ˈste-dē\

Definition of STEADY

a :  direct or sure in movement :  unfaltering <a steady hand>
b :  firm in position :  fixed <held the pole steady>
c :  keeping nearly upright in a seaway <a steady ship>
:  showing little variation or fluctuation :  stable, uniform <a steady breeze> <steady prices>
a :  not easily disturbed or upset <steady nerves>
b (1) :  constant in feeling, principle, purpose, or attachment <steady friends>
(2) :  dependable
c :  not given to dissipation :  sober
steadi·ly \ˈste-dəl-ē\ adverb
steadi·ness \ˈste-dē-nəs\ noun

Examples of STEADY

  1. She used a tripod to keep the camera steady.
  2. Painting takes a steady hand and a good eye.
  3. Prices have remained steady over the last month.
  4. He finally has a steady job.
  5. They do a steady business at the restaurant.
  6. There has been a steady increase in prices.
  7. I am making steady progress on refinishing the basement.
  8. There was a steady rain all day.
  9. We've received a steady stream of donations.

Origin of STEADY

Middle English stedy, from stede
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of STEADY

steady, even, equable mean not varying throughout a course or extent. steady implies lack of fluctuation or interruption of movement <steady progress>. even suggests a lack of variation in quality or character <an even distribution>. equable implies lack of extremes or of sudden sharp changes <maintain an equable temper>.



: to keep (something or someone) from moving, shaking, falling, etc.

: to cause (something) to stop changing, increasing, decreasing, etc.


Full Definition of STEADY

transitive verb
:  to make or keep steady
intransitive verb
:  to become steady
steadi·er noun

Examples of STEADY

  1. He steadied the gun and fired.
  2. She used a tripod to steady the camera.
  3. The doctor gave her medication to help steady her heart rate.
  4. Her heart rate had been erratic but eventually steadied.
  5. Prices have steadied in recent months.

First Known Use of STEADY


Rhymes with STEADY



: in a steady way

Full Definition of STEADY

:  in a steady manner :  steadily
:  on the course set —used as a direction to the helmsman of a ship

First Known Use of STEADY

circa 1605



: the only person you are having a romantic relationship with : the person you are going steady with

plural stead·ies

Full Definition of STEADY

:  one that is steady; specifically :  a boyfriend or girlfriend with whom one goes steady

First Known Use of STEADY



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