adjective uni·form \ˈyü-nə-ˌfrm\

: not varying or changing : staying the same at all times, in all places, or for all parts or members

Full Definition of UNIFORM

:  having always the same form, manner, or degree :  not varying or variable <uniform procedures>
:  consistent in conduct or opinion <uniform interpretation of laws>
:  of the same form with others :  conforming to one rule or mode :  consonant
:  presenting an unvaried appearance of surface, pattern, or color <uniform red brick houses>
:  relating to or being convergence of a series whose terms are functions in such manner that the absolute value of the difference between the sum of the first n terms of the series and the sum of all terms can be made arbitrarily small for all values of the domain of the functions by choosing the nth term sufficiently far along in the series
uni·form·ly \ˈyü-nə-ˌfrm-lē, ˌyü-nə-ˈ\ adverb
uni·form·ness \ˈyü-nə-ˌfrm-nəs\ noun

Examples of UNIFORM

  1. The museum is kept at a uniform temperature to protect the artifacts.
  2. All departments have uniform training standards.

Origin of UNIFORM

Middle English uniforme, from Middle French, from Latin uniformis, from uni- + -formis -form
First Known Use: 15th century



Definition of UNIFORM

transitive verb
:  to bring into uniformity
:  to clothe with a uniform

First Known Use of UNIFORM

circa 1681



: a special kind of clothing that is worn by all the members of a group or organization (such as an army or team)

Full Definition of UNIFORM

:  dress of a distinctive design or fashion worn by members of a particular group and serving as a means of identification; broadly :  distinctive or characteristic clothing

Examples of UNIFORM

  1. <the band uniform was brown with red and white stripes>

First Known Use of UNIFORM


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Other Clothing Terms

babushka, brogue, bumbershoot, cravat, dishabille, furbelow, layette, raiment, spectator


Definition of UNIFORM

—a communications code word for the letter u

First Known Use of UNIFORM


Other Alphabet Terms

cuneiform, linear, minuscule, pictograph, rune, symbology, wedge


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