verb \ˈspat\

: to shoot out (a liquid) with force

: to flow out with force

: to say or talk about (something) in a way that is boring or annoying

Full Definition of SPOUT

transitive verb
:  to eject (as liquid) in a stream <wells spouting oil>
a :  to speak or utter readily, volubly, and at length
b :  to speak or utter in a pompous or oratorical manner :  declaim <a candidate spouting empty promises>
intransitive verb
:  to issue with force or in a jet :  spurt
:  to eject material (as liquid) in a jet
:  declaim
spout·er noun

Examples of SPOUT

  1. The well was spouting oil.
  2. She kept spouting on and on about politics.

Origin of SPOUT

Middle English; akin to Middle Dutch spoiten to spout, Old English spīwan to spew
First Known Use: 14th century



: a tube, pipe, or hole out of which a liquid flows

: a sudden strong stream of liquid

Full Definition of SPOUT

:  a pipe or conductor through which a liquid is discharged or conveyed in a stream: as
a :  a pipe for carrying rainwater from a roof
b :  a projecting tube or lip from which a liquid (as water) issues
:  a discharge or jet of liquid or moisture from or as if from a pipe: as
a :  waterspout
b :  the blowing of a whale
archaic :  pawnshop
spout·ed \ˈspa-təd\ adjective

Examples of SPOUT

  1. Water was flowing from the spout.
  2. the spout of a tea kettle

First Known Use of SPOUT

14th century


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