noun \ˈw-tər-ˌspat, ˈwä-\

: a pipe or tube for water to pass through

: an opening through which water flows

: an area of rapidly spinning wind in the shape of a funnel or tube that forms between a cloud and the surface of an ocean or lake

Full Definition of WATERSPOUT

:  a pipe, duct, or orifice from which water is spouted or through which it is carried
:  a funnel-shaped or tubular column of rotating cloud-filled wind usually extending from the underside of a cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud down to a cloud of spray torn up by the whirling winds from the surface of an ocean or lake

Examples of WATERSPOUT

  1. <the waterspout became clogged, and then the roof leaked>

First Known Use of WATERSPOUT

14th century


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