noun \ˈsnip\

: a small piece that is cut from something : a small piece that is snipped

: an act or the sound of snipping something

: something bought or sold for a good price

Full Definition of SNIP

a :  a small piece that is snipped off; also :  fragment, bit
b :  a cut or notch made by snipping
c :  an act or sound of snipping
:  a white or light mark; especially :  a white spot between the nostrils of a horse
:  a presumptuous or impertinent person; especially :  an impertinent or saucy girl
British :  bargain, buy

Examples of SNIP

  1. <cleared out the snips of paper that had been clogging the machine>
  2. <that antique urn that we bought at London's Portobello Road Market was a real snip>

Origin of SNIP

from or akin to Dutch & Low German snip; akin to Middle High German snipfen to snap the fingers
First Known Use: 1558

Rhymes with SNIP



: to cut (something) with scissors : to remove (something) by cutting with scissors


Full Definition of SNIP

transitive verb
:  to cut or cut off with or as if with shears or scissors <snipped the stray threads>; specifically :  to clip suddenly or by bits
intransitive verb
:  to make a short quick cut with or as if with shears or scissors
snip·per noun

Examples of SNIP

  1. He snipped some fresh herbs from plants on the windowsill.
  2. snipping pictures out of magazines
  3. She snipped at the hanging strings.

First Known Use of SNIP



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