verb \ˈsnif\

: to take air into your nose in short breaths that are loud enough to be heard

: to smell (something or someone) by putting your nose close to it and taking air in through your nose in short breaths

: to take (something, such as fumes or a drug) into your body by inhaling it through your nose in order to get intoxicated

Full Definition of SNIFF

intransitive verb
:  to draw air audibly up the nose especially for smelling <sniffed at the flowers>
:  to show or express disdain or scorn
:  snoop, nose <sniffed around for clues>
transitive verb
:  to smell or take by inhalation through the nose
:  to utter contemptuously
:  to recognize or detect by or as if by smelling <sniff out trouble>

Examples of SNIFF

  1. She sniffed and wiped her nose with a tissue.
  2. She put perfume on her wrist and sniffed it.
  3. The dog sniffed the carpet.
  4. He held the flower up to his nose and sniffed.
  5. I guess you don't need my help, she sniffed.

Origin of SNIFF

Middle English
First Known Use: 14th century

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: an act or the sound of drawing air into the nose especially in order to smell something or because you are sick or have been crying

: an expression of dislike or disapproval

: a small amount or sign of something

Full Definition of SNIFF

:  an act or sound of sniffing
:  a quantity that is sniffed

Examples of SNIFF

  1. She said that she felt fine, but her sniffs and coughs told a different story.
  2. I refuse to answer that question, she said with a sniff.
  3. He wanted to avoid the slightest sniff of a scandal.
  4. There was still a sniff of hope left for the team.

First Known Use of SNIFF



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