intransitive verb \ˈsnüp\

: to look for private information about someone or something

Full Definition of SNOOP

:  to look or pry especially in a sneaking or meddlesome manner
snoop·er noun

Examples of SNOOP

  1. She locks up her diary to keep her brother from snooping.
  2. Government agencies have been snooping on them for years.
  3. She doesn't want reporters snooping into her personal life.

Origin of SNOOP

Dutch snoepen to buy or eat on the sly; akin to Dutch snappen to snap
First Known Use: 1832



: someone who looks for private information about someone or something : someone who snoops

: a secret look around a place

Full Definition of SNOOP

:  one that snoops

Examples of SNOOP

  1. No, I didn't read your e-mail. I'm no snoop.
  2. We had a snoop around their apartment.

First Known Use of SNOOP

circa 1890


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