verb \ˈsmī(-ə)l\

: to make a smile : to make the corners of your mouth turn up in an expression that shows happiness, amusement, pleasure, affection, etc.

: to show or express (something, such as approval, encouragement, etc.) by a smile

: to say (something) with a smile


Full Definition of SMILE

intransitive verb
:  to have, produce, or exhibit a smile
a :  to look or regard with amusement or ridicule <smiled at his own folly — Martin Gardner>
b :  to bestow approval <feeling that Heaven smiled on his labors — Sheila Rowlands>
c :  to appear pleasant or agreeable
transitive verb
:  to affect with or by smiling
:  to express by a smile
smil·er noun
smil·ing·ly \ˈsmī-liŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of SMILE

  1. The photographer asked us to smile for the camera.
  2. She smiled when she saw him.
  3. Both parents smiled their approval.

Origin of SMILE

Middle English; akin to Old English smerian to laugh, Sanskrit smayate he smiles
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to SMILE

beam, grin



: an expression on your face that makes the corners of your mouth turn up and that shows happiness, amusement, pleasure, affection, etc.

Full Definition of SMILE

:  a facial expression in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward and which expresses especially amusement, pleasure, approval, or sometimes scorn
:  a pleasant or encouraging appearance
smile·less \ˈsmī(-ə)l-ləs\ adjective

Examples of SMILE

  1. He greeted me with a big smile.

First Known Use of SMILE

15th century

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