verb \ˈslik\

: to make (something) smooth and slippery

Full Definition of SLICK

transitive verb
:  to make sleek or smooth
intransitive verb
:  spruce —usually used with up

Examples of SLICK

  1. The rain slicked the roads.
  2. <slicking the bottom of their skis with wax>

Origin of SLICK

Middle English sliken, from Old English *slician; akin to Old High German slīhhan to glide
First Known Use: 14th century

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: very smooth and slippery

: clever in usually a dishonest or deceptive way

: skillful and clever

Full Definition of SLICK

a :  having a smooth surface :  slippery <slick wet leaves>
b :  having surface plausibility or appeal :  glossy <slick advertising>
c :  based on stereotype :  trite <slick stories soon forgotten>
archaic :  sleek 1
a :  characterized by subtlety or nimble wit :  clever; especially :  wily <a slick swindler>
b :  deft, skillful <a slick ballplayer>
:  extremely good :  first-rate
slick adverb
slick·ly adverb
slick·ness noun

Examples of SLICK

  1. Be careful as you drive home—the roads are slick.
  2. big corporations and their slick lawyers
  3. The new kid had some slick moves on the basketball court.
  4. The students did a slick job of promoting the concert.
  5. The video game has slick graphics.

Origin of SLICK

Middle English slyke; akin to Old English *slician
First Known Use: 14th century



: a thin layer of liquid that makes a surface very slippery

: a smooth tire that is used in car racing

Full Definition of SLICK

a :  something that is smooth or slippery; especially :  a smooth patch of water covered with a film of oil
b :  a film of oil
:  an implement for producing a smooth or slick surface
:  a shrewd untrustworthy person
:  a popular magazine printed on coated stock and intended to appeal to sophisticated readers
:  an automobile tire made without a tread for maximum traction (as in drag racing)
slang :  a military helicopter without armaments that is used to transport troops or light cargo

First Known Use of SLICK



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