noun \ˈsīt\

: the place where something (such as a building) is, was, or will be located

: a place where something important has happened

: a place that is used for a particular activity

Full Definition of SITE

a :  the spatial location of an actual or planned structure or set of structures (as a building, town, or monuments)
b :  a space of ground occupied or to be occupied by a building
a :  the place, scene, or point of an occurrence or event <a picnic site>
b :  one or more Internet addresses at which an individual or organization provides information to others <an FTP site>; especially :  web site

Examples of SITE

  1. Hard hats must be worn on the construction site.
  2. They visited the site of their future house.
  3. The company has chosen a new site for its office building.
  4. the site of the battle
  5. Federal investigators combed through the crash site.

Origin of SITE

Middle English, place, position, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French sit, site, from Latin situs, from sinere to leave, allow
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Building Terms

batten, cistern, hearth, lath, transom, wainscot


transitive verb

: to place or build (something) in a particular location


Full Definition of SITE

:  to place on a site or in position :  locate

First Known Use of SITE

15th century
SITING Defined for Kids


noun \ˈsīt\

Definition of SITE for Kids

:  the place where something (as a town or event) is found or took place <a famous battle site>
:  the space of ground a building rests upon
:  web site
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈsīt\

Medical Definition of SITE

:  the place, scene, or point of something <the site of inflammation>—see active site


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