noun \ˈven-ˌyü\

: the place where an event takes place

Full Definition of VENUE

a :  the place from which a jury is drawn and in which trial is held <requested a change of venue>
b :  the place or county in which take place the alleged events from which a legal action arises
c :  a statement showing that a case is brought to the proper court or authority
a :  locale 1; also :  a place where events of a specific type are held <music venues>
b :  outlet 1c

Examples of VENUE

  1. The venue of the trial has been changed.
  2. The nightclub provided an intimate venue for her performance.

Origin of VENUE

Anglo-French, alteration (influenced by venue arrival, attendance) of vinné, visné, literally, neighborhood, neighbors, from Vulgar Latin *vicinatus, alteration of Latin vicinitas vicinity
First Known Use: 1531


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In law, the place or county in which the events giving rise to a legal action take place and from which a jury may be drawn to try the case. Venue statutes usually specify that a trial must take place in the district that has jurisdiction over the matter. The grounds for a change of venue are also specified; they include fear of biased jurors due to media coverage, danger of violence, and racial prejudice.


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