noun out·let \ˈat-ˌlet, -lət\

: something that people use to express their emotions or talents

: a store that sells products made usually by one company and often at reduced prices

: a television, radio, or publishing company

Full Definition of OUTLET

a :  a place or opening through which something is let out :  exit, vent
b :  a means of release or satisfaction for an emotion or impulse <sexual outlets>
c :  a medium of expression or publication
d :  a publication or broadcast organization <media outlets>
:  a stream flowing out of a lake or pond
a :  a market for a commodity
b :  an agency (as a store) through which a product is marketed <retail outlets>
:  a receptacle for the plug of an electrical device

Examples of OUTLET

  1. <this road is the only outlet for traffic coming from the racetrack>
  2. <technology has provided many new outlets for amateur writers and artists to share their work with a global audience>

Origin of OUTLET

Middle English ut-lete, from ut out + -lete watercourse, from Old English gelǣt, from ̄tan to let
First Known Use: 13th century

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OUTLET Defined for Kids


noun out·let \ˈat-ˌlet\

Definition of OUTLET for Kids

:  a place or opening for letting something out <The lake has several outlets.>
:  a way of releasing or expressing a feeling or impulse <I needed an outlet for my anger.>
:  a device (as in a wall) into which the prongs of an electrical plug are inserted for making connection with an electrical circuit
Medical Dictionary


noun out·let \ˈat-ˌlet, -lət\

Medical Definition of OUTLET

:  an opening or a place through which something is let out <the pelvic outlet>
:  a means of release or satisfaction for an emotion or impulse <counseling provides an outlet for expressing and evaluating their feelings—Vicki Glaser>


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