verb lo·cate \ˈlō-ˌkāt, lō-ˈ\

: to find the place or position of (something or someone)

: to put (something or someone) in a particular place

: to make an area, city, etc., your home or the place where your business operates


Full Definition of LOCATE

intransitive verb
:  to establish oneself or one's business :  settle
transitive verb
:  to determine or indicate the place, site, or limits of
:  to set or establish in a particular spot :  station
:  to seek out and determine the location of
:  to find or fix the place of especially in a sequence :  classify
lo·cat·able \-ˌkā-tə-bəl, -ˈkā-\ adjective

Examples of LOCATE

  1. We tried to locate the border of the property.
  2. Can you locate your town on the map?
  3. The missing boy was located by police in the woods.
  4. The mechanic is still trying to locate the source of the problem.
  5. Reporters have been unable to locate the mayor for his comments.
  6. The company chose to locate its factory near the airport.
  7. The company located near the airport.
  8. His parents located in Ohio.

Origin of LOCATE

Latin locatus, past participle of locare to place, from locus
First Known Use: 1652

Rhymes with LOCATE

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LOCATE Defined for Kids


verb lo·cate \ˈlō-ˌkāt\

Definition of LOCATE for Kids

:  to find the position of <Try to locate your neighborhood on the map.>
:  to settle or establish in a particular place <The city located the new stadium downtown.>


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