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adjective sim·pa·ti·co \sim-ˈpä-ti-ˌkō, -ˈpa-\

Definition of simpatico

  1. 1 :  agreeable, likable

  2. 2 :  being on the same wavelength :  congenial, sympathetic

Did You Know?

Simpatico, which derives from the Greek noun sympatheia, meaning "sympathy," was borrowed into English from both Italian and Spanish. In those languages, the word has been chiefly used to describe people who are well-liked or easy to get along with; early uses of the word in English reflected this, as in Henry James's 1881 novel The Portrait of a Lady, in which a character says of another's dying cousin, "Ah, he was so simpatico. I’m awfully sorry for you." In recent years, however, the word's meaning has shifted. Now we see it used to describe the relationship between people who get along well or work well together.

Origin of simpatico

Italian simpatico & Spanish simpático, ultimately from Latin sympathia sympathy

First Known Use: 1864

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