noun \ˈshü-tər\

: a person who shoots a weapon

: a person who throws, kicks, or hits a ball or puck

: a small amount (called a shot) of liquor (such as whiskey or tequila) often mixed with another liquid

Full Definition of SHOOTER

:  one that shoots: as
a :  a person who fires a missile-discharging device (as a rifle or bow)
b :  the person who is shooting or whose turn it is to shoot
c :  photographer
:  something that is used in shooting: as
a :  a marble shot from the hand
b :  revolver —usually used in combination <six-shooter>
:  a shot of hard liquor (as whiskey or tequila) often diluted with something (as soda); also :  a bit of food (as a raw oyster) served in a shot glass

Examples of SHOOTER

  1. The police are looking for the shooter.
  2. <there were eight shooters taking turns at the same target in the final competition>

First Known Use of SHOOTER

13th century


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