noun \ˈra-tər\

Definition of ROUTER

:  one that routs: as
a :  a routing plane
b :  a machine with a revolving vertical spindle and cutter for milling out the surface of wood or metal

First Known Use of ROUTER


Other Hardware Terms

adze, auger, awl, chock, ferrule, punch, tang


noun \ˈrü-tər, ˈra-\

Definition of ROUTER

:  one that routes; especially :  a device that mediates the transmission routes of data packets over an electronic communications network (as the Internet)

First Known Use of ROUTER


Other Computer-Related Terms

adware, flash, kludge, phishing, recursive


noun \ˈrü-tər, ˈra-\

Definition of ROUTER

:  a horse trained for distance races

Origin of ROUTER

route (race of a mile or more)
First Known Use: circa 1951

Other Equestrian Terms

canter, cantle, curry, farrier, hunter, paddock, skirt, tack


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Portable electric power tool used in carpentry and furniture making that consists of an electric motor, a base, two handle knobs, and bits (cutting tools). A router can cut fancy edges for shelving, grooves for storm windows and weather stripping, circles and ovals with smooth edges, and round corners on work of all types.


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