adjective se·ri·al \ˈsir-ē-əl\

: arranged or happening in a series

of a crime : committed many times usually in the same way

of a criminal : committing a series of crimes

Full Definition of SERIAL

:  of, relating to, consisting of, or arranged in a series, rank, or row <serial order>
:  appearing in successive parts or numbers <a serial story>
:  belonging to a series maturing periodically rather than on a single date <serial bonds>
:  of, relating to, or being music based on a series of tones in a chosen pattern without regard for traditional tonality
a :  performing a series of similar acts over a period of time <a serial killer>
b :  occurring in or involving such a series <a serial murder>
:  relating to or being a connection in a computer system in which the bits of a byte are transmitted sequentially over a single wire — compare parallel
se·ri·al·ly \-ə-lē\ adverb

Examples of SERIAL

  1. The pictures are numbered and arranged in serial order.
  2. Scientists made serial observations over a period of two weeks.

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Rhymes with SERIAL



: a story that is broadcast on television or radio or that is published in a magazine in separate parts over a period of time

Full Definition of SERIAL

a :  a work appearing (as in a magazine or on television) in parts at intervals
b :  one part of a serial work :  installment
:  a publication (as a newspaper or journal) issued as one of a consecutively numbered and indefinitely continued series

Examples of SERIAL

  1. <the university library has a vast collection of serials>

First Known Use of SERIAL


Other Publishing Terms

annotate, dreadful, emend, expurgate, factoid, jump, lobster shift, redaction, referee


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