noun mag·a·zine \ˈma-gə-ˌzēn, ˌma-gə-ˈ\

: a type of thin book with a paper cover that contains stories, essays, pictures, etc., and that is usually published every week or month

: a radio or television program that discusses different topics

: a part of a gun that holds bullets

Full Definition of MAGAZINE

:  a place where goods or supplies are stored :  warehouse
:  a room in which powder and other explosives are kept in a fort or a ship
:  the contents of a magazine: as
a :  an accumulation of munitions of war
b :  a stock of provisions or goods
a :  a periodical containing miscellaneous pieces (as articles, stories, poems) and often illustrated; also :  such a periodical published online
b :  a similar section of a newspaper usually appearing on Sunday
c :  a radio or television program presenting usually several short segments on a variety of topics
:  a supply chamber: as
a :  a holder in or on a gun for cartridges to be fed into the gun chamber
b :  a lightproof chamber for films or plates on a camera or for film on a motion-picture projector

Examples of MAGAZINE

  1. She subscribes to several gardening magazines.
  2. <the village kept a magazine where people left common supplies>

Origin of MAGAZINE

Middle French, from Old Occitan, from Arabic makhāzin, plural of makhzan storehouse
First Known Use: 1583
MAGAZINE Defined for Kids


noun mag·a·zine \ˈma-gə-ˌzēn\

Definition of MAGAZINE for Kids

:  a publication issued at regular intervals (as weekly or monthly)
:  a storehouse or warehouse for military supplies
:  a container in a gun for holding cartridges

Word History of MAGAZINE

The English word magazine came from a French word with the same spelling that in turn came from an Arabic word makhāzin. Both the French and the Arabic words meant a place where things are stored. At first the English word had the same meaning, and it is still used in this sense. However, a later sense is now more common—that of a collection of written pieces printed at set times, the suggestion being that such collections are storehouses of knowledge.


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