noun \ˈkär-trij, dial ˈka-trij\

: a tube which you put into a gun and which contains a bullet and explosive material

: a case or container that you put into a machine to make it work

Full Definition of CARTRIDGE

:  a case or container that holds a substance, device, or material which is difficult, troublesome, or awkward to handle and that usually can be easily changed: as
a :  a tube (as of metal) containing a complete charge for a firearm and usually an initiating device (as a primer)
b :  a case containing an explosive charge for blasting
c :  an often cylindrical container for insertion into a larger mechanism or apparatus
d :  cassette 2
e :  a small case that contains a phonograph needle and transducer and is attached to a tonearm
f :  a removable case containing a magnetic tape or one or more disks and used as a computer storage medium
g :  a case for holding printed circuit chips containing a computer program <a video-game cartridge>

Examples of CARTRIDGE

  1. The printer needs a new ink cartridge.


alteration of earlier cartage, modification of Middle French cartouche
First Known Use: 1626

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