verb \ˈsel\

: to exchange (something) for money

: to make (something) available to be bought

: to be able to be bought for a particular price

sold \ˈsōld\ sell·ing

Full Definition of SELL

transitive verb
:  to deliver or give up in violation of duty, trust, or loyalty and especially for personal gain :  betray —often used with out <sell out their country>
a (1) :  to give up (property) to another for something of value (as money) (2) :  to offer for sale
b :  to give up in return for something else especially foolishly or dishonorably <sold his birthright for a mess of pottage>
c :  to exact a price for <sold their lives dearly>
a :  to deliver into slavery for money
b :  to give into the power of another <sold his soul to the devil>
c :  to deliver the personal services of for money
:  to dispose of or manage for profit instead of in accordance with conscience, justice, or duty <sold their votes>
a :  to develop a belief in the truth, value, or desirability of :  gain acceptance for <trying to sell a program to the Congress>
b :  to persuade or influence to a course of action or to the acceptance of something <sell children on reading>
:  to impose on :  cheat
a :  to cause or promote the sale of <using television advertising to sell cereal>
b :  to make or attempt to make sales to
c :  to influence or induce to make a purchase
:  to achieve a sale of <sold a million copies>
intransitive verb
:  to dispose of something by sale <thinks now is a good time to sell>
:  to achieve a sale; also :  to achieve satisfactory sales <hoped that the new line would sell>
:  to have a specified price
sell·able \ˈse-lə-bəl\ adjective
sell down the river
:  to betray the faith of
sell short
:  to make a short sale
:  to fail to value properly :  underestimate

Examples of SELL

  1. He buys and remodels houses and then sells them at a profit.
  2. Stock prices are increasing, so now is a good time to sell.
  3. Only a few stores sell that type of equipment.

Origin of SELL

Middle English, from Old English sellan; akin to Old High German sellen to sell, Greek helein to take
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of SELL

:  a deliberate deception :  hoax
:  the act or an instance of selling
:  something to be sold or caused to be accepted <the new mystery novel was an easy sell>; also :  someone to whom something is sold <the new purchasing agent was a tough sell>

First Known Use of SELL



noun \ˈsel\

Definition of SELL

:  saddle

Variants of SELL

sell or selle \ˈsel\

Origin of SELL

Middle English selle, from Anglo-French sele, from Latin sella — more at settle
First Known Use: 15th century


Definition of SELL

chiefly Scottish variant of self


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