noun \ˈsekt\

: a religious group that is a smaller part of a larger group and whose members all share similar beliefs

: a religious or political group that is connected to a larger group but that has beliefs that differ greatly from those of the main group

Full Definition of SECT

a :  a dissenting or schismatic religious body; especially :  one regarded as extreme or heretical
b :  a religious denomination
archaic :  sex 1 <so is all her sect — Shakespeare>
a :  a group adhering to a distinctive doctrine or to a leader
b :  party
c :  faction

Examples of SECT

  1. <one sect of medical researchers holds the minority view that the disease is not caused by that virus>

Origin of SECT

Middle English secte, from Anglo-French & Late Latin & Latin; Anglo-French, group, faction, from Late Latin secta organized ecclesiastical body, from Latin, course of action, way of life, probably from sectari to pursue, frequentative of sequi to follow — more at sue
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Religion (Eastern and Other) Terms

Zen, antinomian, avatar, gnosticism, illuminati, ineffable, karma, koan, mantra

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Definition of SECT

Other Literature Terms

apophasis, bathos, bildungsroman, bowdlerize, caesura, coda, doggerel, euphemism, poesy, prosody


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