noun re·sent·ment \ri-ˈzent-mənt\

: a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair

Full Definition of RESENTMENT

:  a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at something regarded as a wrong, insult, or injury

Examples of RESENTMENT

  1. She bore bitter feelings of resentment toward her ex-husband.
  2. He's filled with resentment at his boss.
  3. He expressed his resentment of the new policies.

First Known Use of RESENTMENT


Synonym Discussion of RESENTMENT

offense, resentment, umbrage, pique, dudgeon, huff mean an emotional response to or an emotional state resulting from a slight or indignity. offense implies hurt displeasure <takes deep offense at racial slurs>. resentment suggests lasting indignation or ill will <harbored a lifelong resentment of his brother>. umbrage may suggest hurt pride, resentment, or suspicion of another's motives <took umbrage at the offer of advice>. pique applies to a transient feeling of wounded vanity <in a pique I foolishly declined the invitation>. dudgeon suggests an angry fit of indignation <stormed out of the meeting in high dudgeon>. huff implies a peevish short-lived spell of anger usually at a petty cause <in a huff he slammed the door>.

offense, sin, vice, crime, scandal mean a transgression of law. offense applies to the infraction of any law, rule, or code <at that school no offense went unpunished>. sin implies an offense against moral or religious law <the sin of blasphemy>. vice applies to a habit or practice that degrades or corrupts <regarded gambling as a vice>. crime implies a serious offense punishable by the law of the state <the crime of murder>. scandal applies to an offense that outrages the public conscience <a career ruined by a sex scandal>.

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RESENTMENT Defined for Kids


noun re·sent·ment \ri-ˈzent-mənt\

Definition of RESENTMENT for Kids

:  a feeling of angry displeasure at a real or imagined wrong, insult, or injury


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