noun \ri-ˈmärk\

: something that someone says or writes to express an opinion or idea

: the act of noticing or making a comment about something

remarks : a short speech or a part of a speech

Full Definition of REMARK

:  the act of remarking :  notice
:  an expression of opinion or judgment
:  mention of that which deserves attention or notice

Examples of REMARK

  1. I was offended by his remark.
  2. I've heard many disparaging remarks about him.
  3. an author known for making witty remarks
  4. The incident passed without remark.

Origin of REMARK

French remarque, from Middle French, from remarquer to remark, from re- re- + marquer to mark — more at marque
First Known Use: 1660



: to make a statement about someone or something : to make a remark

Full Definition of REMARK

transitive verb
:  to take notice of :  observe
:  to express as an observation or comment :  say
intransitive verb
:  to notice something and comment thereon —used with on or upon

Examples of REMARK

  1. It's so hot today, she remarked.
  2. <her date awkwardly remarked on the attractiveness of the background music in the restaurant>

First Known Use of REMARK



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